About Us

I got the idea to start this small website for fun along time ago and have just now had the time on my hands to be able to start working on it. I am a former coach, I coached for 17 years and spent the last 13 years of my career at Jasper ISD. I left the profession a couple of years ago to go into administration. I love the game, I always have but time changes us all and with a young family in my life, I had to make a choice for my girls. While I certainly do not miss those long practices, I  do miss Friday night lights and talking football.  I have many coaching friends that I have made over the years and I hope that they will be able to enjoy what I am trying to do here at Southeast Texas Football. I just want  to make a place where I can stay engaged with my friends and the football community as a whole. I miss being able to talk about things I have seen and done with the game, and old coaching stories as well and stories of kids. I am going to try and develop the site over the next year to be able to include much of these elements. I will be adding a forum and pages for things like, Coaches quotes or memorable games, plays,teams… stuff like that. Maybe, a page for how to stop so and so or coaching points or whatever. I will be reaching out to all my coaching friends and kind of let them all give me some insight to what we need to do to make the site better and more fun for everyone. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, I know that it is a crude start, but gotta start somewhere. Lastly if you don’t understand what a Monkey stomp is…. then you don’t know Chuck Atchinson. Enjoy and lets all make it a great place to talk about a sport that has brought me so many great times in my life

Coach Hicks